In Conversation with Jacob Elordi, with the Scent Magnetic By Boss

New BOSS The Scent Magnetic offers a deeper, more intense interpretation of the BOSS The Scent signature. The two ambery compositions for him and for her seduce with a new and magnetic intensity, thanks to an irresistible fusion of contrasting ingredients. A new campaign starring the faces of BOSS The Scent franchise, Hollywood actors Jacob Elordi and Laura Harrier, are drawn to each other by an all-consuming attraction impossible to resist. The pairing of two equally confident and successful individuals creates a powerful duality, perfectly reflecting the heightened contrasts at the heart of each exquisite fragrance.

BOSS The Scent Magnetic is an invitation to experience the power of attraction and seduction like never before, as two intense reinterpretations of the original BOSS The Scent fragrance captivate the senses.

Jacob, you’ve been the face of BOSS The Scent perfumes now for a few years. What makes the new The Scent Magnetic unique, different and stand out among the rest?

I remain as grateful as the day I started. It’s a real privilege. I enjoy the fragrance and use it in my day to day. It’s subtle, enticing and calm.

BOSS The Scent Magnetic for Him reveals an irresistible fusion of exquisite black vanilla extract and vibrant bran absolute. What makes this such a magnetic and irresistible combination in your opinion?

It’s subtle and not overpowering.

How does wearing an exquisite scent impact a man’s self-assurance and elegance?

I think it helps with the confidence.

What kind of scents seduce your senses the most?

I love the smell of sawdust and wet paint. It reminds me of when I was little.

Why do you believe that a scent has the power of attraction and seduction?

It’s about the confidence it gives you.

The campaign of The Scent Magnetic stars you and Laura Harrier, the faces of BOSS The Scent franchise. The campaign perfectly reflects the heightened contrasts at the heart of each fragrance. What makes this campaign so special?

I really like the grand scale of the film, it has an out of this world element to it. Feels very cinematic.

Laura is a wonderful performer, it was a pleasure to share a creative space with her. I hope to work with her again in the future.

The new era of BOSS brand is defined by four words: Be Your Own BOSS. How do you identify with this bold mantra?

A sense of identity and belief in self. I try my very best to be kind to myself and to those around me.

Every individual can be a BOSS. What would being your own BOSS look like for you?

A belief in self and a kindness.