The Euphoria Books: S1 Boxed Set

A24 will sell a set of Euphoria scripts, storyboards and conversations with Zendaya and Hunter Schafer for $98 on April 27. It will also include sketches by Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney’s scrapbook, Barbie Ferreira’s moodboard, and behind-the-scenes photos by Jacob Elordi. You can buy it here.

Delving deep into every aspect of the creative process—from storyboards to casting calls to costume design—the 8-volume boxed set brings together over 1,000 pages of untold stories and never-before-seen visuals from the many brilliant minds behind the first season of HBO’s Euphoria.

The 8 books include scripts from each episode of Season 1 and feature conversations with:
○ Series creator Sam Levinson (with Frank Rich)
○ Makeup artist Doniella Davy
○ Editor Julio Perez
○ Costume designer Heidi Bivens
○ Choreographer Ryan Heffington
○ Composer Labrinth
○ Music supervisor Jen Malone
○ Cinematographer Marcell Rév
○ Production designer Michael Grasley
○ Hunter Schafer (with Jeremy O. Harris)
○ Zendaya

Special contributions from the cast include sketches by Hunter Schafer, pages from Sydney Sweeney’s scrapbook and Barbie Ferreira’s moodboard, and behind-the-scenes photography by Jacob Elordi and Maude Apatow.